#16 (2022)

Ludic Prognostication. Games as Sites for Simulating the Future
Article by Aditya Deshbandhu, 1-32

“War never changes.” Gender Roles and the Transformative Potential for Role Reversal in Roleplay Games with Post-Apocalyptic Settings
Article by Marie-Luise Meier, 33-67

“It’s so normal, and … meaningful.” Playing with Narrative, Artifacts, and Cultural Difference in Florence
Article by Dheepa Sundaram and Owen Gottlieb, 68-99

No One Tells You How to Build a Holy Game. An Effort to Build Readings in Theory and Praxis
Report by Jason Anthony, 100-125

“I Left Valheim For This?” The Gaming Cultures of Valheim. A Conference Report
Report by Sophia Rosenberg, 126-144

Interview with Chris Bani Benell, Professional Esports Player
Interview by Joey R. Fanfarelli, 145-157

The Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies. An Interview with Frans Mäyrä and Usva Friman
Interview by gamevironments, 158-166

History in Games: Contingencies of an Authentic Past (2020) edited by Martin Lorber and Felix Zimmermann. A Book Review
Book Review by Robert Houghton, 167-171

Game Development Research by Henrik Engström (2020). A Book Review
Book Review by Xenia Zeiler, 172-175