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All submitted articles will be reviewed on a double-blind peer-review basis.
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Call for Paper – Special issue of gamevironments:
Video Gaming and Post Mortality

Guest editor:  John Borchert (

Call for Paper
Spawn, Die, Respawn, Repeat — this is the life cycle of a game body. Since early arcade games bound death to play through successes dependent on living, video gaming and death have been structurally intertwined. Video games demand death and gaming is, in one way, about overcoming death. Through game characters subject to death, and death frequently the subject of play, its necessity for gaming persists. Dying, killing, and respawning remain functions and structures both of and at play as gaming enacts cycles of birth, life, sickness, disease, violence, death, afterlife, and resurrection. Understanding video gaming requires understanding post mortality.

gameviroments, in its continuing mission to explore religion in relation to technical and cultural environments of gaming and address the diverse global video gaming landscape, invites submissions for a special issue on Video Gaming and Post Mortality. This issue aims to go beyond media studies to encourage inter and multidisciplinary works addressing questions and problems of death and dying in video gaming and their implications for thinking about religious practice. Particular interest will be paid to questions of embodiment, networked ontology, queering, gender, race, ritual, violence, and the performance of religion in video gaming.

How does the performance of religion appear around death and dying in gaming? How can death in games help understand relationships between digital media and human practice, concerns like death and digital responses like video games? What do both killing and dying in games perform? What can gaming help us understanding about the afterlife or being after-life? This special issue hopes to explore these questions, with further possibilities for discussions of:
– Death and Agency
– Sickness and Disease
– The Afterlife and Resurrection
– No Death and Perma Death
– Death and Virtual Reality
– Ritualization
– Homicide, Genocide, and Violence
– Mourning
– Post and Transhumanism
– And More…

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