#15 (2021)

Special Issue “Revisiting Teaching and Games. Mapping out Ecosystems of Learning”, edited by Björn Berg Marklund, Jordan Loewen-Colón and Maria Saridaki

Teaching and Games. Introduction to the Special Issue
Introduction by Björn Berg Marklund, Jordan Loewen-Colón and Maria Saridaki, 1-18

Towards an E-class Stimulating Social Interactivity based on Digitized and Gamified Brainstorming
Article by Stéphane Gobron, Corentin Barman, Artan Sadiku, Xavier Lince and Isabelle Capron-Puozzo, 19-55

Bible Games as Religious Educational Tools in Seventh-Day Adventist Church. A Ludic Inventory
Article by Allan Macedo de Novaes and Erick Euzébio Lima, 56-101

Still in Another Castle. Asking New Questions about Games, Teaching and Learning
Article by Tobias Staaby, 102-129

The Ethics of Citizen Science and Knowledge Games. Five Emerging Questions About Games that Support Citizen Science
Article by Karen Kat Schrier, 130-196

The Allegorical Build. Minecraft and Allegorical Play in Undergraduate Teaching
Article by Darren Wershler and Bart Simon, 197-236

Let the Magic Circle Bleed. Bridging the Gap Between Games and Reality
Report by Jessica Creane, 237-266

Learning to Do Fieldwork through Role-Playing. A Class Experiment
Report by Adele Del Sordi, 267-277

The Secret Chamber of Interdisciplinary Collaboration. Negotiating OutSmart! A Serious Game for Adolescents
Report by Suzana Jovicic, Barbara Göbl and Dayana Hristova, 277-297

Insider Makes the Deal Easy. An Online Speaking Class Using a Social Deduction Game
Report by Taku Kaneta, 298-305

Personas as Character Sheets. A Multipurpose Tool When Using Role-Play in Design Education
Report by Erik Lagerstedt and Kajsa Nalin, 306-322

Teaching Music Theory through Games. Το Play, or Not to Play?
Report by Stavroula Mpoti, 323-328

Eastern European Courage through Game Art. The First Two Years of the Game Art Programme at University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest (2019–2021)
Report by Judit Radák and Szabolcs Pálfi, 329-350

The Unlucky Hans. The Difficulties of Adapting Fairy Tales as Text-Based Games for Young Readers
Report by Michael Schlauch, 351-361

Spreading Learning through Fake News Games
Report by Karen Kat Schrier, 362-379

Teaching People What They Already Know. Designing Game Design Courses
Report by Thais Arrias Weiller, 380-392

# 14 (2021)

History Games for Boys? Gender, Genre and the Self-Perceived Impact of Historical Games on Undergraduate Historians
Article by Robert Houghton, 1-49

Inaudible Systems, Sonic Users. Sound Interfaces and the Design of Audibility Layouts in Digital Games
Article by Eduardo Harry Luersen, 50-84

Ghosts, Spooks, and Martyrs. Historical Hauntings in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
Article by Megan Ward, 85-118

Feminist Gamer Social Identities
Article by Michael Winters and James L. Williams, 119-169

New Earth. Fantasy Pantheon Inspired by Afro-Brazilian Religion
Research report by Eliane Bettocchi, 170-197

Holy Ocarina! Exploring Religion in/of/through The Legend of Zelda Series
Research report by Johnathan Sanders, 198-220

Interview with Marcus Carter on Children’s Play and Games Studies Discourse
Interview by Antonija Cavcic, 221-229

Interview with Stella Wisdom, Digital Curator at the British Library
Interview by Lissa Holloway-Attaway, 230-256

A Review of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s Sensationalized History
Game review by John Herman, 257-262

Review of Ethik des Computerspielens: Eine Grundlegung (Ethics of Video Gaming: A Groundwork)
Book review by Bodil Stelter, 263-269

A Review of the Video Game The Medium
Game review by Jordan Wood, 270-276