#11 (2019)

Special Issue “Nation(alism), Identity and Video Gaming”, edited by Lisa Kienzl and Kathrin Trattner

Introduction. Thoughts on the Entanglement of the Concepts and Notions of a Nation, Nationalism and Identity in Relation to Video Games and Gaming Culture
Introduction by Lisa Kienzl and Kathrin Trattner, 1-22.

Glory to Trumpland! Critically Playing Border Games
Article by Melissa Kagen, 23-64.

Round Table Discussion on Nation(alism), Identity and Video Gaming with Megan Condis, Marijam Didžgalvytė, Georg Hobmeier and Souvik Mukherjee
Discussion by Kathrin Trattner and Lisa Kienzl, 65-85.

Playing America. An Introduction to American Culture through Video Games
Report by Michael Fuchs and Stefan Rabitsch, 86-102.

Research Report on Curse the Fiends, Their Children, Too: Cultural Heritage and Subversion of Fictional Tropes in Bloodborne
Report by Sarah Zaidan, Richard Pilbeam and Elin Carstensdottir, 103-116.

Interview with Mira Wardhaningsih from StoryTale Studios on the Indonesian Horror Game Pamali
Interview by Kathrin Trattner, 117-126.

Interview with Déyfou-lah Sani Bah-Traore on the Togolese Game Origin – the Rise of Dzitri
Interview by Lisa Kienzl, 127-133.

We. The Revolution, a Review. Vive la Révolution or Death and All His Friends
Review by Kevin Recher, 134-141.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance. A Bohemian Forest Simulator
Review by Eugen Pfister, 142-148.

#10 (2019)

“How video games changed my life”: Life-Changing Testimonies and The Last of Us.
Article by Heidi Rautalahti, 1-38.

Indie and Dōjin Games: A Multilayered Cross-Cultural Comparison.

Article by Mikhail Fiadotau, 39-84.

Decoding Fantasy Football: A Ludic Perspective.
Article by Aditya Deshbandhu, 85-116.

Interview with Matthias Kempke on Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth.

Interview by gamevironments, 117-128.