#4 (2016)


#5 (2016)

#5 (2016)
Special Issue „Gamevironments of the Past“
by Derek Fewster, Ylva Grufstedt

Introduction: Gamevironments of the Past – A Broad Take on Games and History.
Article by Derek Fewster, Ylva Grufstedt, 1-7.

Where did you learn that? The self-perceived educational impact of historical computer games on undergraduates.
Article by Robert Houghton, 8-45.

ISSN 2364-382X

Archive 2015

Archive 2014

Developing Time: Representing Historical Progression through Level Structures.
Article by Samir Azrioual, 46-79.

Ghost in the Cartridge: Nostalgia and the Construction of the JRPG Genre.
Article by Jayme Dale Mallindine, 80-103.

History and Human Agency in Videogames.
Article by Vinicius Marino Carvalho, 104-131.

The Architecture of Bioshock as Metaphor for Ayn Rand’s Objectivism.
Article by Brittany Kuhn, 132-155.

The HGR Framework: A Semiotic Approach to the Representation of History in Digital Games.
Article by Vincenzo Idone Casso, Mattia Thibault, 156-204.

The Adventures of Ms. Meta: Developing a Historical Superhero Video Game.
Article by Sarah Zaidan, 205-236.

Who Really Said What? Mobile Historical Situated Documentary as Liminal Learning Space.
Article by Owen Gottlieb, 237-256.

The Indian Indie Game Development Scene – History and Cultural Heritage as Game Themes.
Article by Xenia Zeiler, 257-263.

Interview with the Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw and Lead Writer David Gaider (and Lucas Christiansen) at BioWare about the Dragon Age games.
Article by Cecilia Tretner, 264-284.


#4 (2016)

Post-Digital Games: The Influence of Nostalgia in Indie Games‘ Graphic Regimes.
Religion, Games, and Othering: An Intersectional Approach.
Article by Kathrin Trattner, 24-60.
The poor carpenter ́: Reinterpretating Christian Mythology in the Assassin’s Creed
Game Series.
Article by Frank G. Bosman, 61-87.

A “Less Dark Outcome” – The Religious Milieu on Dishonored in the Pacifist Route.
Review by Heidi Rautalahti, 88-95.

Agency and Consequence in Life is Strange.
Review by Ylva Grufstedt, 96-100.

To Live or Die in Los Santos:
Death and Post Mortality Aspects in Grand Theft Auto V.
Review by Isabell Gloria Brendel, 101-109.

Analyzing Digital Fiction:
A Review.
Review by Nina Maskulin, 110-119.

Interview with Shailesh Prabhu, Indian Game Designer.
Interview by gamevironments, 120-126.

Interview with Ricardo Ruiz from 3Ecologias
Interview by gamevironments, 127-139.

Mapping Methods:

Visualizing Visual Novels’ Cultural Production in Japan.
Research Report by Edmond Ernest Dit Alban, 140-160.

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